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Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician Provides graduates with the skills, knowledge and experience for employment as support for the nursing staff.

This program prepares the patient care provider to support the Registered Nursing staff by utilizing their basic healthcare experience to further develop their knowledge in the areas of direct patient care, electrocardiography, and phlebotomy. Program completion is 12 weeks. National Certification Examination is available at the end of the training. Prerequisite:


Six months experience in the field or a CNA Certification. 

  • Training Duration:
  • 16 Weeks; 160 Curriculum Hours;
  • Internship Duration:
  • 160 clinical hours included;
    Reading Level Required: 9.0;
    Math Level Required:9.0;
    Language Level Required: 9.0
  • Others :
  • Stethoscope, scrubs, exam
  • Credentials Earned :
  • Certificate