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Medical Laboratory Assistant Certification

Medical Laboratory Assistant Certification

Program teaches students how to examine and analyze body fluids, analyze the chemical content of fluids, and prepare culture media used to develop vaccines. Students may examine blood stock and may use testing procedures to analyze blood, urine, and other physical samples from patient bodies that help determine if a person has an illness or other medical problem such as infection, disease, virus, or some sort of genetic malady. Students will also learn other important factors such as respecting patients' privacy and the use of proper documentation.

As a Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant you’ll help perform analytical tests that are crucial in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. In this allied health career, you’ll assist clinical laboratory personnel in examining and analyzing body fluids, and cells

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  • Training Duration:
  • 16 Weeks; 130 Curriculum Hours
  • Internship Duration:
  • NO High school diploma required
    Reading Level Required: 8.0
    Math Level Required:8.0
    Language Level Required: 8.0
  • Others :
  • Other Supplies, lab coats, tests.
  • Credentials Earned :
  • Certificate