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Is it time for you to Take Control of Your Health®? Come to ANY LAB TEST NOW to establish a health baseline through lab testing for what’s going on inside. CNU MEDICAL offers thousands of clinical lab tests to support your health and well being. If you are uninsured, have high-deductible insurance,…


Lab Tests for Athletes and Combative Sports Competitors As an athlete, you pay attention to your body and need for it to be healthy to support peak performance. Your competitive nature knows even the little things count, such as vitamin deficiency and hormone balance. Some competitive sports require lab tests for safety purposes, including mixed…


Drug Screens, Alcohol Tests, and Other Toxicology Testing Services “Toxicology” is an all-encompassing term related to the detection and effects of poisoning. “Poisoning” sounds like a strong word when it comes to drug and alcohol use. When used illegally or in improper dosages, even legal substances can be toxic to a body. Drug screening, alcohol…


B-12 Again! B-12 Shots CNU MEDICAL Remember when you were a kid? And you could run and play all day, and easily fall asleep when it was bedtime? Now you drag yourself out of bed, lose energy quickly, feel stressed… And when it’s bedtime you lay awake with tomorrow’s commitments buzzing…


Symptom Free Doesn’t Mean Disease Free. Knowing you need to get tested already creates an uncomfortable situation. Trust CNU MEDICAL to provide discreet lab testing in a comfortable environment. Protect yourself and your partner with CNU MEDICAL STD testing services. Whether you are concerned and not sure what to check for,…


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