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Dental Assisting Program

Dental Assisting Program

This program prepares students to function effectively within the dental field. It covers important background information on the dental profession as well as interpersonal skills, dental ethics and practice act laws, dental terminology, patient interactions, dental records management, and basic finance-related skills.

The program also prepares students for entry-level positions as a chair-side dental assistant. This course covers the history of dentistry, introduction to the dental office, the legal aspects of dentistry, introduction to oral anatomy, dental operatory, introduction to tooth structure (primary and permanent teeth), the oral cavity; and other areas. Program also includes an optional clinical externship at a local healthcare provider!

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  • Training Duration:
  • Training Duration 16 Weeks; 130 Curriculum Hours
  • Education Requirements:
  • NO High school diploma required
    Reading Level Required: 8.0
    Math Level Required:8.0
    Language Level Required: 8.0
  • Others:
  • Supplies, lab coats, tests.
  • Credentials Earned:
  • Certificate